COVID-19 Update

The Clinical Research Center (CRC) will continue to support studies that are therapeutic and part of patient care. Non-therapeutic studies will be on hold in alignment with current UI Health policies. CRC is reviewing patient schedules and contacting PIs as well as clinical partners to avoid deferrable face-to-face visits that do not impact patient’s ongoing care.



The Clinical Research Center (CRC) provides the UIC research community with a core of clinical research professionals. These individuals possess specialized training to provide a full array of clinical research services including, but not limited to: initial planning and logistics for a protocol, source document creation, data collection, performing testing or procedures required within a protocol, guidance regarding protection of research subjects, orientation of other professionals to clinical research facilitation, and education of subjects regarding clinical research.

The CRC nursing staff is comprised of registered nurses and advanced practice nurses with expert clinical knowledge and skills in vast areas of clinical practice. CRC clinical research coordinators also provide hands on clinical and laboratory support.

  • INTEGRATED approach for reviewing and monitoring clinical protocols

  • SAFE and enjoyable experience for study volunteers

Services by Project Stage