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Phlebotomy Training

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The CCTS’s phlebotomy training is designed to provide basic blood draw skills to UIC students and/or clinical research support staff. This training program is not available to those without a campus/UI Health affiliation.

This training program does not meet the requirements for those who seek to become a Certified Phlebotomist.

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test tubes for blood draws


There are two parts to the Phlebotomy Training provided by the CCTS Clinical Research Center (CRC)

Part 1: (2) Hour In-person Class

Part 2: Student Observation

The student must complete a minimum of 5 observed blood draws under the direction of the CRC Phlebotomy Team. The time to complete the observation portion varies from student to student depending upon the student’s comfort level and proficiency at managing the information and skills learned during the in-person class. Students must make arrangements to return to the CRC with their own volunteers to complete the observation portion.


$50 payable by department account (C-FOAP) prior to class


You will need to complete Blood Bourne Pathogen Training prior to completing phlebotomy training.  You can upload the Blood Bourne Pathogen certificate to the registration form.

After the completion of both the in-person class and observation requirements, the CRC will provide the student with a Certificate of Completion. This states that you have completed our course but does not provide a certification in phlebotomy.

Student observation requirements must be completed within 90 days of the in-person class in order to receive the Certificate of Completion.


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