COVID-19 Update: June 25

CCTS will continue virtual support as research restarts on campus. We are also supporting OPRS as human subject studies resume. Know what this means for your protocol.

Writing Accountability Groups

Program Description

a group of people gather around a table with laptops, notepads and other writing materials

Committing to a plan helps participants achieve increased writing productivity (both quantity and quality), have greater control over the writing process, experience improved goal-setting and time management, and as a bonus, establish relationships with colleagues.

CCTS’s Writing Accountability Groups- or WAGS- are active writing groups that meet on a weekly basis for a 10-week period. CCTS organizes meeting logistics and group coordination, allowing participants to focus on the task of writing- and ultimately completing- important projects.

Each WAG is limited to 4-8 members who must commit to attending at least 7 of the 10 weekly sessions. Groups adhere to a strict agenda:

  • 15 mins: Updates and goal-setting
  • 30 mins: Individual writing
  • 15 mins: Reporting and wrap-up

Note: There is no peer review of your writing; WAGs are focused on developing a process and habit of writing.

Launched in September 2019, new group formation is anticipated in January 2020.

Jaclyn Jackson

Program Coordinator