The Research Coordinator (RC+) Certificate Program is a comprehensive educational certificate program for UIC research personnel involved in human subjects research, including those in clinical, translational, community-based, social and/or behavioral sciences.


New and/or experienced research coordinators, research specialists, or other personnel working on research projects involving human subjects, including those with project, personnel and/or grant management responsibilities.


  • Offer training and professional development opportunities for health research personnel that will add value to their resume and support their career advancement
  • Increase the knowledge and self-efficacy of research staff in performing their job responsibilities
  • Communicate standards and best practices for the responsible conduct of research specific to the roles and responsibilities of research coordinators at UIC
  • Provide a competency standard recognized by PIs, faculty and/or unit administration when hiring and promoting research personnel

This program will provide an important foundation for new personnel or refresh knowledge for experienced staff involved in human subjects research.  Staff who complete the certificate program will receive training in key research competencies, thereby increasing their knowledge and self-efficacy in performing UIC job responsibilities.

Certificate Requirements

CITI Training

  • Human Subjects Research Training
  • Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Training
  • Information Privacy & Security (IPS) for Researchers Training

Overview of Clinical Research

Northwestern University Clinical & Translational Science Institute (NUCATS) Lectures

  • Introduction to Clinical Research
  • Research Misconduct

UIC Lectures

  • Orientation to Research at UIC
  • Submitting to the IRB: Getting Started

Best Practice Hour Seminars

(Attend a talk addressing each of these (8) competencies)

  • Scientific Concepts and Research Design
  • Ethical and Participant Safety Considerations
  • Medicines Development and Regulation
  • Clinical Trials Operations
  • Study and Site Management
  • Data Management and Informatics
  • Leadership and Professionalism
  • Communication and Teamwork

Master Classes

  • Financial Management and Reporting: Pre-award
  • Financial Management and Reporting: Post-award
  • Research Project Management: Getting Started (with a primary focus on Study Start Up)
  • Research Project Management: Issues in the Field (e.g., data collection/management; prep for audit)
  • Informed Consent
  • Recruitment and Retention
  • Engaging with Communities in Research

*Please note that RC+ participation is not eligible for course credit within formal degree or stackable certificate programs.

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