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Getting Started

Two Registries, One Point of Entry Heading link

Because it can be difficult for people to find studies that fit their needs, and for researchers to find people who fit their studies, the Center for Clinical and Translational Science supports the UI Health Research Registry and The New Normal (TNN) Match.

Both the UI Health Research Registry and TNN Match platforms were created by the University of Michigan and benefit from over a decade of user-informed design—from both the volunteer and study team perspective. Both registries also focus on the use of lay language descriptions for study postings. The goal is to make searching and matching with a study as simple as possible leaving the volunteer with a sense of control and purpose when it comes to participating in research.

UIHRR vs. TNN Match Heading link

At this time, UIHRR is limited to studies within the University of Illinois system. This may include studies out of UIC’s campus, as well as Peoria, Rockford, Springfield, Urbana-Champaign, UI Health hospital, clinics and the Miles Square locations. This registry would also encompass multisite trials and community-based studies where the study team is affiliated with UIC.

TNN’s registry includes not just UIC studies but also studies through Northwestern University and the Institute for Translational Medicine, a partnership between the University of Chicago, Rush University, Advocate Health Care, Illinois Institute of Technology, Loyola University Chicago, and NorthShore University Health System. Given the broad combined reach of these institutions, study teams using TNN’s registry can gain access to volunteer populations far beyond the Chicagoland borders.

Step 1: Activate Your Study Heading link

1. Create a new study on the Online Research Study Posting System at

2. A CCTS team member will contact the PI or their delegate with any questions and to confirm where the study will be posted (UIHRR, TNN Match or both). CCTS staff will also request any outstanding information needed to approve the submission.

3. The PI and their delegate will receive a PDF of the study posting once the study is approved. This PDF will include any suggested edits to make the posting more lay language friendly. The PDF should be submitted to the IRB with the study initial application or amendment in order to receive IRB approval for posting on the registry(s).

  • If UIC is the IRB of record…
    • Include a statement within the recruitment section in the protocol that your study will be recruiting using UIHRR
    • Submit an IRB modification for the updated protocol
    • Submit study posting as an IRB modification and use the template language below when submitting the IRB modification
  • If it is a multisite study and UIC is not the IRB of record…
    • Approval needs to be requested from the IRB of record
    • Processes and approvals would depend on the specific IRB of record
    • You do not need to go through the UIC’s IRB at any point

4. Upon receipt of IRB approval, the PI or their delegate will upload the IRB approval letter to the Online Research Study Posting System.

5. Your study will be activated at

Note: If you wish to recruit through TNN Match, the study posting will be submitted to their review committee, which will approve or request further modifications to the study. This committee will provide a PDF form with their approved posting language that must be submitted to the IRB.

Step 2: Add Your Approved Study to the Registry Heading link

This short video will walk you through adding your IRB approved study into the UI Health Research Registry, including entering inclusion and exclusion criteria.

Step 3: Manage and/or Edit Your Study Heading link

This short video will show you how to manage studies that are already active on the registry, including how to add or remove study team members and make changes to the posting language.

Registry Style Guide Heading link

We customized UIHRR to reflect the unique needs of UI Health patients and our Chicago community. Our registry style guide promotes the use of engaging lay language and transparency to make potential volunteers feel informed and empowered when they express interest in a study.

Get the Guide