For Study Teams

Activating a Study in the UI Health Research Registry

The UI Health Research Registry (UIHRR) and The New NormalTM (TNN Match) share a single online posting system. To activate your study:

  1. Create a new study on the Online Research Study Posting System at
  2. A CCTS team member will contact the PI or their delegate with any questions and to confirm where the study will be posted (UIHRR, TNN Match or both). CCTS staff will also request any outstanding information needed to approve the submission.
  3. The PI and their delegate will receive a PDF of the study posting once the study is approved. This PDF will include any suggested edits to make the posting more lay language friendly. The PDF should be submitted to the IRB with the study initial application or amendment in order to receive IRB approval for posting on the registry(s).
  4. Upon receipt of IRB approval, the PI or their delegate will upload the IRB approval letter to the Online Research Study Posting System.
  5. If you are posting to UIHRR, your study will be activated at
  6. If you wish to recruit through TNN Match, the study posting will be submitted to their review committee, which will approve or request further modifications to the study. This committee will provide a PDF form with their approved posting language that must be submitted to the IRB.

Registry Style Guide

We customized UIHRR to reflect the unique needs of UI Health patients and our Chicago community. Our registry style guide promotes the use of engaging lay language and transparency to make potential volunteers feel informed and empowered when they express interest in a study.

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