CIRTification is a training program in human research protections that is tailored to the unique roles of community research partners.

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The goal of any community-academic research collaboration is equitable partnership. CIRTification teaches community research partners about the importance of protecting research participants while enhancing the overall contribution they are able to make to their respective research teams.

In community-engaged research, academic researchers collaborate with different partners from non-academic settings including community agencies, health care delivery organizations, public health departments and schools.

Due to federal and institutional policies, community research partners are often required to complete “human subjects protection training” (sometimes called “IRB training” or “research ethics training”). Training is usually required when individuals interact with research participants and/or handle research data.

However, most research ethics training programs are geared towards those who already have and understanding of research methods and some research experience; they do not address the unique context of community-engaged research. As such, these programs and materials may not be well-received by community partners.

CIRTification provides human research protection training that shares relevant, meaningful information to help community partners translate their unique knowledge and skills to research collaborations.