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Priority Population Toolkit

CCTS created the Priority Populations Toolkit as a resource for researchers who would like to work with populations facing health disparities and underrepresentation in research.

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The groups featured in the Priority Populations Toolkit face a double layer of obstacles to achieving health equity and significant disparities in outcomes. In order for all population groups to benefit equally from in advances in health care, it is critical to engage and integrate diverse participation in every phase of the translational process and across the lifespan. However, major gaps exist in the participation of identified priority populations.

There is significant room for improvement in recruitment and retention efforts when working with these populations. The information shared in the toolkits can lay the foundation for more effective and inclusive health research.

This toolkit seeks to encourage researchers across disciplines to work with underrepresented populations, thus increasing their participation in research use this information as a springboard to do further reading and investigation into best practices.

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The toolkit is intended as an introduction to working with each population. Through using it, researchers can become familiar with key ideas and issues.

Toolkits are ideal for researchers who have experience with other populations and would like to expand to these groups, as well as people who may be relatively new to research (students, research assistants, new faculty, etc.). The principles in this toolkit can be helpful to people doing clinical trials for cancer, public health needs assessments, social work research, etc.