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Photo of Maharathi, Biswajit

Biswajit Maharathi


Biomedical Informatics, ADRESai


Biswajit Maharathi is an experienced bioengineer specialized in biomedical signal processing, image processing, machine learning for neurological data analysis, multimodal data analysis, and developing full-stack systems for health data integration. His particular interest lies in the intersection of biomedical informatics, clinical and translational research, and neuroscience.  His previous experience includes epilepsy source localization using graph theory, ECoG, statistical signal processing, 3D reconstruction and segmentation using MRI, electrode co-registration, volumetric and surface measurements of brain lesions and sclerosis, diffusion tensor imaging analysis in both human and animal studies. Along with scientific work, he has DevOps experience and has developed disease-specific web-based informatics applications.