The CCTS strives to accelerate the translation of scientific discoveries into innovative diagnostics and therapies, disease prevention and improved health care delivery.

Our Impact at UIC

  • 10years serving health researchers at UIC

  • >600 publications cite CCTS grant support

  • $3mill in Pilot Grant support to UIC faculty

CCTS offers a suite of comprehensive, integrated services that can support a broad range of stakeholders in clinical translational research, including academic health researchers, patients, community leaders, health care providers and clinicians, industry and policy makers.

The support provided through our various service cores can help accelerate clinical translational research across the full translational spectrum among multiple health disciplines and with diverse populations across the lifespan.

From promoting rigorous and reproducible findings to supporting collaborative academic-community partnerships, CCTS has the answers to overcome common research challenges and help you move your project from the bench to the bedside and beyond.

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