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Podcast for Chicago Police Officers

Created by Heading link

across the yellow tape podcast and community focused on police reform

Royce Chandler
Student, UIC College of Applied Health Sciences

Connie Le
Student, UIC College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

About the Content Heading link

frontline worker holding paper heart that reads vaccine


In 2020, the leading cause of active-duty police fatalities was COVID-19 – more than all other causes combined. In that same year, over 1,560 Chicago police officers tested positive for COVID, and there were four confirmed active-duty police fatalities among Chicago police officers due to COVID. Despite this fact, when surveyed, only 38% agreed to take the vaccine, n =3,300. This number is drastically lower than the 60% in favor of vaccination when all adults were surveyed, n =12,648. Since social distancing is not always an option for police, and their departments don’t mandate vaccinations, the need to reach this population to encourage vaccinations is vital.

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