Jan 28 2021

Master Class: “Recruitment & Retention”

CCTS Master Classes

January 28 - 29, 2021

10:00 AM - 11:30 AM


via Zoom


Chicago, IL

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Program Description:

This Master Class workshop will educate attendees on the importance of  early incorporation of thoughtful recruitment and retention strategies into your research plan. Talks will discuss best practice for recruiting in clinical and community settings, how to address common barriers to participation and how to address volunteer retention challenges.

During this 3-hour workshop, which takes place over 2 days, faculty, staff, and community members will share reflections on past research endeavors, lessons learned, and practical advice on how you can apply this advice to your work.
While this program is designed for research personnel (coordinators, specialists, etc.), the information may be beneficial to anyone interested in recruitment and retention of study participants.

Join Virtually Via Zoom

Meeting ID: 897 1468 5654
Passcode: 1kLhke&C
Phone: 312-626-6799

Day 1 Agenda:

Recruitment and Retention: Scientific and Ethical Issues
Marc Atkins, PhD, Director, CCTS Community Engagement and Collaboration Core

Basic principles, approaches and strategies for recruitment and retention
Sandra Morales, Research Specialist, CCTS Community Engagement and Collaboration Core

Panel 1: Recruitment and Retention Best Practice
Amy Sporer, Senior Research Specialist, Institute for Health Research and Policy
Meredith Russell, Associate Director of Clinical Research Operations, Clinical Trials Office
Kerry-Ann Day, Clinical Research Coordinator/IRB Coordinator, Pediatrics

Day 2 Agenda

CCTS Recruitment Tools & Services
Lauren Rieger, CCTS Associate Director of Outreach and Engagement

Using the Clinical Research Data Warehouse (CRDW) for Recruitment
Nataly Guzman, Research Specialist, CCTS Biomedical Informatics Core

Using Social Media for Recruitment
Rachel Olech, Research Specialist, CCTS Regulatory Support Core

Panel 2: Engaging Communities in Research
Community Engagement Advisory Board (CEAB) Members
Diana Cervantes, PhD, McNair Scholar Researcher, Loyola University
Colleen Everett, Community Advocate
Michelle McCollough, MPH, Consultant, Health Communication



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Jan 21, 2021

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Jan 28, 2021


Emily Anderson, PhD | Director, CCTS Regulatory Support and Knowledge Core | Associate Professor of Bioethics, Loyola University

Marc Atkins, PhD | Director, CCTS Community Engagement and Collaboration Core