DNA Sequencing

The DNA Services facility is a core nucleic acid services facility serving the UIC research community as well as external academic and non-academic scientists. We provide a suite of services, including, but not limited to:

  • Next-Generation Sequencing (whole genome, whole exome, transcriptome, metagenome and metatranscriptome, amplicon and other);
  • Sanger (capillary electrophoresis) Sequencing;
  • QuantiGene mRNA and DNA CNV Analysis Service;
  • Real-Time PCR Service and Training;
  • Fragment Analysis Service;
  • Short Tandem Repeats Analysis Service;
  • Mycoplasma Testing;
  • Nucleic Acid Extractions, Quantification, and Quality Control Service

We also maintain for academic use quantitative PCR instrumentation and a freezer program with reagents and consumables for nucleic acid extraction, reverse transcription, and qPCR. 

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Contact Information:
Research Resource Center
College of Medicine West
835 South Wolcott Avenue
Basement, Room A301-302
Email: ttrc@uic.edu