Suicide rate among veterans is 22 a day

Courtesy of Fox News
Post date: 
November 15, 2014

Since the 9-11 terror attacks, more American soldiers have killed themselves than have been killed by the Taliban. Among those in uniform, including the National Guard, the US loses about one a day to suicide. Even more shocking is when you add up the toll among all veterans -- including those who have left the military: suicide claims 22 a day.

Medical experts struggle to explain how two soldiers, staying side-by-side in a war zone, can return home together with one resuming normal life, while the other finds that impossible. Research Psychiatrist K. Luan Phan of the University of Illinois Chicago and the Jesse Brown VA Medical Center thinks part of the answer is genetic, and another part involves a soldier's traumatic life experiences before the battlefield that set him up for trouble.

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