Researcher Seeking Collaborator

Lauren Walsh
Post date: 
April 8, 2016


Campus researchers frequently seek out partners to help fill knowledge gaps in research projects. However, they often lack the network necessary to easily identify collaborators, especially if they are seeking expertise outside of their home college. The UICollaboratory exists to address this problem.

UIC Research Network

The UICollaboratory is a professional networking tool which helps researchers identify faculty across a wide variety of scientific disciplines for potential collaboration at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Managed by the CCTS’s Biomedical Informatics Core, its goal is to facilitate the development of new collaborations by providing a comprehensive database of the university's research expertise across the entire health science spectrum.

An understanding of "who" in the organization is working on "what" can facilitate the development of collaborative teams and productive research relationships. In addition to highlighting individual research expertise, the Research Profiles tool exposes connections among researchers and can assist in identifying potential collaborators both internally and at other organizations. This tool can also help find mentors and key knowledge holders, making connections between faculty, students, and staff easier. 

UICollaboratory Research Profiles use the freely available Scopus publication data as well as NIH-funded grant information (NIH RePORTER) to create a "fingerprint" of a researcher's subject expertise. This fingerprint is updated automatically as publications enter the Scopus database, meaning researchers are not required to manually maintain their individual profiles. However, profiled faculty can add research interests and keywords by logging into their personal profiles.

CCTS UICollaboratory Network

Researchers are mapped to their department(s) within the university, allowing users to browse researchers by name, by department or center or by topic to find experts in a particular area. Currently, the UICollaboratory profiles researchers from the health science colleges at UIC, including Applied Health Sciences, Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, Pharmacy and the School of Public Health.  The UICollaboratory also profiles investigators at the Rockford and Peoria campuses, UIC Urban Health Program, the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and select departments within Engineering and Liberal Arts & Sciences. This may be expanded to other areas of the university in the future.

Faculty research publications are updated on a weekly basis via Scopus. Grants and projects are updated on a daily basis. Faculty affiliation information is updated by the UICollaboratory Team bi-annually at the beginning of Fall and Spring semesters. Ad hoc changes to faculty name or contact information can be expedited upon request.

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