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About UICollaboratory Research Profiles

What is the UICollaboratory?

The UICollaboratory is a tool designed to help faculty members and departments identify who is working in what scientific areas at UIC.   The UICollaboratory maintains faculty profiles from researchers across the health science colleges, including their publications from the Scopus database, grants from NIH RePORTER and their departmental affiliations. 

What do I use it for?

An understanding of "who" in the organization is working on "what" can facilitate building collaborative teams and productive research relationships. The UICollaboratory contains both career-long and current research information, requires little to no effort for creation or maintenance, and is easy to use. In addition to highlighting individual research expertise, the Research Profiles tool exposes connections among researchers and can assist in identifying potential collaborators both internally and at other organizations. This tool can also help find mentors and key knowledge holders, making connections between faculty, students, and staff easier. 

What data is included?

The UICollaboratory Research Profiles use the freely available Scopus publication data as well as NIH-funded grant information (NIH RePORTER) to create a "fingerprint" of a researcher's subject expertise. This fingerprint is updated automatically as publications enter the Scopus database, meaning researchers are not required to manually maintain their individual profiles. Profiled faculty can add research interests and keywords, they are associated with, by logging into their personal profiles. Only NIH grants are populated in the UICollaboratory. To update a profile with non-NIH grants, please contact us at uicollab@uic.edu.

How often is the UICollaboratory Research Profiles data updated?

The faculty research publications are updated on a weekly basis. On Tuesdays of each week, the system is refreshed with new Scopus publications. Grants and projects are updated on a daily basis. Faculty affiliation information is updated by the UIC UICollaboratory Team bi-annually (at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters); though ad hoc changes to faculty name or contact information can be expedited upon request.

How does the UICollaboratory Research Profiles get information get information about the university structure?

We provided Elsevier with the department structure at UIC, and Elsevier mapped researchers to their department or unit. This allows users to browse researchers by department, search by name, or search by topic to find experts in a particular area. 

Which researchers are included in the tool?

The Research Profiles tool is intended to highlight our research prominence in the health sciences therefore, currently includes research faculty at UIC who have an affiliation with one of the health science colleges or who have a primary appointment in the college of bioengineering. This may be expanded to other areas of the university in the future. The included faculty list is maintained internally, and there may be a lag between a faculty member's hire date and generation of a fingerprint.

We welcome your input to make the UICollaboratory Research Profiles tool as complete and accurate as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at uicollab@uic.edu.

Which colleges/departments are included in the tool?

The UICollaboratory profiles researchers from the health science colleges at UIC, including the College of Applied Health Sciences, College of Medicine (includes campuses at Peoria and Rockford), Colleges of Nursing, Dentistry, Pharmacy and the School of Public Health.  The UICollaboratory also profiles the Urban Health Program at UIC, the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and select departments within the College of Engineering and Liberal Arts & Sciences. 

How can I add my name to the list to be included?

Please contact us at uicollab@uic.edu if you are interested in being included in the UICollaboratory.


Who can I contact if I need help?

Please click on the ‘Help and FAQ’ link directly from the UICollaboratory website or email: uicollab@uic.edu.

If i wish to schedule a demonstration of the UICollaboratory, who should I contact?

Please click on the ‘Help and FAQ’ link directly from the UICollaboratory website or email: uicollab@uic.edu.

If I find a discrepancy in my profile, how do I correct it?

Please click on the ‘Help and FAQ’ link directly from the UICollaboratory website or email uicollab@uic.edu.

Can I add information to my profile page?

Login into UICollaboratory allows you to add additional content to your profile. To do this, please click on the link ‘Log into Pure’ at the bottom of the homepage.  Please see the ‘Login into Profile’ section in the user guide for more details. 

How can I obtain departmental reports on research activiites?

Please contact UIC team at uicollab@uic.edu to generate reports on publications, grants and other research activities for departmental annual reports etc. Each request should include relevant information such as the required field names and time period for the report. 

How do I get access to the Web Services or Application Programming Interface (API)?

For questions regarding access to web service or Application programming interface (API) please contact the UIC team at uicollab@uic.edu

Can I opt out of the UICollaboratory?

Please contact the UIC team at uicollab@uic.edu.

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For assistance or further information, please contact the UICollaboratory at uicollab@uic.edu