The Design & Analysis Core

The CCTS's Design and Analysis Core provides the biostatistical consulting service to develop statistical data and analysis design plans for proposal submission and to analyze data in hand for clinical-translational investigators.

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The Design and Analysis Core provides campus researchers with expanded access to faculty and service personnel with a range of expertise in design and analysis methods and tools. We support the professional development of analytics specialists across campus to increase the availability of quality method design and analytic services and to engage quantitative faculty in developing new methodologies for clinical and translational research.

In addition to consultative services, the Design and Analysis Core also encourages the development of collaborative research arrangements between investigators and our team of biostatisticians. Through such collaborations, we hope to contribute substantially to translational research inquiries and the development of novel methodologies, data management plans and analyses

The Design and Analysis Core is operated in partnership with the University of Illinois Cancer Center.

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