Biomedical Informatics Core Personnel


Denise M. Hynes, PhD, RN, Director

Dr. Hynes oversees programs within the Biomedical Informatics Core. In addition, she is responsible for working with CCTS leadership and other CCTS core and program directors to coordinate the activities of the Biomedical Informatics Core with the broader CCTS program. Dr. Hynes is Professor in the Department of Medicine, College of Medicine and Research Scientist in the Department of Health Policy Administration in the School of Public Health. She also maintains a joint appointment as a Research Career Scientist in the Department of Veterans Affairs, currently based at the Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital. Dr. Hynes has developed and utilized databases and informatics throughout her health science research career. In more than 15 years as director of the VA Information Resource Center (VIReC), she has overseen the development of a knowledge management system on databases in the VA, development of a research data warehouse that integrates VA and Medicare data, creation of a database and informatics helpdesk and consultation service, and the establishment of educational programs in clinical informatics. In addition to directing operations for Biomedical Informatics, she directs the core's Clinical Research Data Resources program.

Andrew Boyd, MD, Lead Clinical Liaison for Informatics

Andrew Boyd provides expertise in clinical data resources and will facilitate consultative services and collaborations between informatics experts and clinical and translational researchers. Dr. Boyd is a Research Assistant Professor in both the College of Medicine in the Department of Medical Education and the College of Applied Health Sciences in the Department of Biomedical and Health Information Sciences. He assisted with the development of the University of Michigan's NIH-supported Honest Broker System, a federated clinical research system that integrated diverse clinical and research resources for centralized accessibility.


Edward Barbour, MS, Associate Director for Research, Biomedical Informatics Core

Mr. Barbour has more than ten years of experience in bioinformatics. He received his BS in Computer Science from Oakland University, Rochester, MI; MS in Bioinformatics at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and is currently a PhD candidate in Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics at the University of Michigan. Previously, he was Director of the Informatics Core at The Rockefeller University Hospital in New York City. Most recently he served as a pharmacogenomics systems architect in a unique public/private partnership between the University of Michigan and AssureX Health. Mr. Barbour was the first Vice President of Scientific Content for Compendia Bioscience of Ann Arbor, MI. Additionally, Mr. Barbour has fifteen years of successful commercial software development, designing and developing software used by Fortune 500 companies, worldwide. He is also expert in data modeling and data base design and has lead successful implementations of integrated research systems for The Rockefeller University Hospital including successful machine learning projects. 

Jacqueline Clark, MS, RHIA, Biomedical Informatics Core

Jacqueline serves as part of the BI Core and Clinical Research Data Warehouse team. She received her BS in Health Information Management (HIM) and MS in Management Information Systems at the University of Illinois and is credentialed as a Registered Health Information Administrator. During her time in the HIM program, Jacqueline worked in the medical record departments at both UI Health and the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. She later served as a clinical research coordinator and business manager in the UIC Department of Medicine (DOM) for nearly 4 years. While with DOM, Jacqueline had a deep-seated interest in medical coding and billing data, building and optimizing information systems, as well as clinical quality improvement research and led a variety of projects related to those domains. She later began working with the Center for Research Informatics within the Resource Resources Center at UIC to delve further into the field of clinical informatics and data analytics. Her expertise includes medical coding and classification systems, health information systems, management and use of medical record data, quality improvement, and project management.

Murtaza Contractor, Senior Research Specialist, Biomedical Informatics Core

Murtaza serves as part of the Clinical Research Data Warehouse team. He is an Oracle Data Warehouse and OLTP Database Administrator. He has over 16 years of experience as an Oracle DBA and has worked at companies such as Dominion Enterprises and SanDisk. He has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Computer Science, and is an OCP-DBA (Oracle Certified Professional Database Administaror) and SCSA (Sun Certified System Administrator).

Xiao Dong, PhD - Biomedical Informatics Core Research Specialist

Xiao Dong serves as the software specialist for the Clinical Research Data Warehouse team. He addresses data modeling challenges in projects directly related to the Data Warehouse and provides solutions to various engineering and developmental needs. Xiao has previously worked in biomedical informatics academic research and within the pharmaceutical industry. He also has extensive experience in Ruby on Rails agile development, machine learning, and semantic web design.

Subhash Kumar Kolar Rajanna, MD, MS, BI Research Specialist, Biomedical Informatics Core

Subhash Kumar serves as part of the Clinical Research Data Warehouse team. With his clinical and biomedical research background, he brings unique skills and expertise to support the needs of the clinical and translational researchers. He has extensive experience in the design and implementation of Clinical Information Systems and developing analytical solutions to improve patient health. His research interests focus on the secondary use of EHR data for improved clinical and epidemiological research, with the emphasis on data mining and natural language processing.  

Buki Ogunseitan, MSc - Technical Project Director, Biomedical Informatics Infrastructure

Buki Ogunseitan is responsible for developing technical solutions that address the research questions of clinical and translational investigators seeking CCTS services and contribute to the internal core research efforts of the Biomedical Informatics Core. She has extensive experience in directing information technology teams in developing, implementing and maintaining client specific applications and processes which address the needs of research community through solutions that will be used to help collect, organize and analyze data on clinical and non-clinical research. Her area of expertise include: system and process design, clinical and non-clinical trials, business and process analysis, project management, strategic planning and client relations dynamics.

Eugene M. Sadhu, MD, Biomedical Informatics Core Research Specialist

Dr. Sadhu serves as part of the Clinical Research Data Warehouse team. His background as a graduate of the UIC College of Medicine and fellowship in Biomedical Informatics at the University of Chicago Department of Surgery and Computation Institute provide the warehouse team with clinical insight into the problem domain. His prior research experience in high-performance computing and professional work software engineering further provide skills in bridging technical knowledge and clinical expertise.